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We value the growth and development of our employees, and that is why we design a solid career path that guides your steps within Ceibo and, at the same time, your professional career. At Ceibo we are proud to say that growth is directly linked to the performance and achievements of each one. We evaluate the performance of our employees in each quarter of the year and offer rapid promotion opportunities to those who demonstrate excellence and significant contributions.

In our organization there are seven levels that define the progression of employees.

It is important to note that in ceibo we have two different profiles: consultants and specialists, who work together on different projects to promote digital transformation. The first five levels of the career path are different for both profiles. In the sixth level the career is unified in the position of Senior Manager.

carrera en ceibo
carrera en ceibo

The 7 Levels of the Career Path

Level 1: Associate

At the Associate level, you'll embark on your professional journey with us. Here, you will learn the fundamentals of consulting, acquiring essential skills and knowledge to foster your career growth. You'll collaborate with experienced teams on challenging projects, honing your analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Specialization tracks

At Ceibo, we're committed to fostering a dynamic career environment where your potential knows no bounds, and your career path is uniquely yours to design and follow. And that's why consultants have the opportunity to specialize in three distinct verticals: data, growth marketing, and development. These specialized tracks can be pursued through comprehensive training programs, hands-on project experience, and collaborative training initiatives with academic institutions. By specializing, you'll sharpen your technical skills, gain practical expertise, and emerge as a leader in your chosen field.

data specialist


In a world driven by information, our Data Analysis Specialists are tasked with extracting meaning and value from it. Their mastery of analytical tools and techniques enables them to explore datasets with precision, identifying patterns and trends that underpin strategic decisions.

Growth Marketing

Our Growth Marketing experts help drive our clients' growth through effective marketing strategies. They not only grasp metrics but also know how to translate them into innovative strategies and experiments that generate measurable and scalable impact.

growth marketing


Our Development Specialists are the creators of applications, systems, and programs that turn ideas into concrete solutions. Combining their creative ingenuity with strong technical skills, these experts operate at the intersection of creativity and functionality, ensuring that each line of code serves as a gateway to intuitive and seamless digital experiences.

Our way of organizing Ceibo

At Ceibo, we are organized into three layers. This form of collaboration reflects the flexibility and dynamism of a digital company prepared to solve our clients' most demanding challenges. This decision is based on proximity, flexibility, and networking, aligned with the latest trends in digital companies.

Organización de Ceibo

Team Ceibo

Team is our value proposition for those collaborators who aim to grow professionally in their careers alongside Ceibo’s growth.With full-time dedication at Ceibo, they have a planned career path in which growth is not a choice but the only option. All Team members, in addition to their projects, have a Ceiber Contribution (CC). The CCs are key assignments each Team member can lead, contributing to Ceibo’s growth and allowing them to get deeply involved in the company's success. Some of our CCs are Recruiting, Events, Marketing and Knowledge Management.


This is our value proposition for collaborators who, whether working full-time or part-time, value having greater flexibility, managing their time and enjoying constant specialization.


Our ecosystem comprises people and companies with specific expertise in an area, whom we rely on to ask for their collaboration in particular projects with our clients. The level of specialisation required nowadays is so high that no company can be the best in everything. At Ceibo, we are committed to networking and calling upon the best talents for our client's challenges that exceed our area of expertise.