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Epic Camp

Travel or work? Enhance my career or explore the world? Keep learning about business or improve my language skills? Invest in the future or have fun? We know the questions you are asking yourself.

What if you could have it all?

We invite you to discover Epic Camp, our professional development initiative that encourages our talents to have their first international work experience.

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Boost your career

Through Epic Camp, Ceibo offers the opportunity each year to four of its most outstanding talents to work for three months from its Miami offices. During their stay, Ceibers continue to work on their projects in a global setting, expanding their horizons to address and solve business challenges, cultivating relevant skills, and acquiring knowledge about the markets where Ceibo operates.
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Develop your cultural intelligence

This experience will enhance your adaptability to change and help you acquire new skills. If the idea of exploring and learning as a team excites you, Epic Camp is just right for you.
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We invest in the growth of our talent

At Ceibo, we strive to create a challenging, fun, and diverse environment, offering experiences like Epic Camp that take careers to another level. We believe that in multicultural exchange, we find the learning and innovation that allow us to grow both professionally and personally.

Epic Camp is an initiative of Global Talent, our professional learning and development program at Ceibo.

Why is Epic Camp going to change your life?

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Your career is going to take off
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Your CV is going to stand out
Acquire a global mindset that will take you far
You will consolidate your language skills forever
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You will live epic and unforgettable experiences

What I liked the most about the Epic Camp was the opportunity to live abroad and coexist with other Ceibers. We had a lot of fun together; it was an amazing blend of work and incredible activities.


On a professional level, the Epic Camp experience was truly enriching for me, as I had the opportunity to share the day-to-day work with four other Ceibers, each sharing their knowledge and skills, creating synergies, despite each of us being on a different project. On a personal level, the experience left me with four new friends.


I'm excited about the idea of traveling and sharing with other Ceibers and getting to know a different culture from ours. Also, being able to visit the Miami offices and work personally with David Wilson, our Managing Partner.

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