Interview process

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Our Process

At CEIBO, our recruitment process has been meticulously crafted to ensure that candidates meet our expectations and align with our culture and values. During this process, candidates have the chance to immerse themselves in the essence of CEIBO, interacting with a diverse group of team members from various backgrounds and experiences.

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What do we evaluate?

Throughout the entire process, we assess four key dimensions, which are the same criteria used to evaluate all team members throughout their careers at Ceibo:

Problem-solving skills

This dimension refers to a candidate's ability to identify and analyze complex problems, as well as propose effective solutions. The ability to solve problems demonstrates a candidate's analytical skills, critical thinking and creativity.

Communication and interpersonal skills

This dimension involves a candidate's ability to express ideas clearly and effectively both verbally and in writing. Interpersonal skills, such as empathy and the ability to build strong relationships, are crucial for interacting with diverse stakeholders and facilitating collaboration.

Teamwork abilities

Consulting often involves team projects that require effective collaboration and synergy among team members. Assessing a candidate's teamwork ability involves their willingness to actively contribute and collaborate in a group setting, as well as their ability to adapt to different roles and work styles.

Professional development

This dimension refers to a candidate's desire and ability to learn, grow and continuously improve in his or her field. In consulting, where challenges and solutions evolve rapidly, it is essential to have professionals who are willing to acquire new knowledge, skills and competencies.

By assessing these four key dimensions during the recruitment process, we can identify candidates who demonstrate the ability to tackle complex problems, possess effective communication skills, exhibit a willingness to collaborate in teams, and maintain a constant desire for professional development. These qualities are fundamental to cultivating highly competent and well-prepared consultants capable of addressing the ever-evolving challenges in the business landscape and delivering innovative solutions to our clients.

The process in steps

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Step 1

Candidates’ analysis

Once we receive the resumes from our web page, social networks, emails, and any other channels, we analyze them thoroughly, making sure the candidates meet the minimum requirements for the position in terms of education and experience and that the candidate meets the four dimensions that we evaluate throughout the process.

How to prepare?

At Ceibo, our case interviews challenge candidates to solve complex problems and real-time business cases. Throughout this process, we provide limited information and ask candidates to analyze the problem, identify key factors, generate hypotheses, develop an approach to solve it, and recommend specific actions. Our approach to interviews is tailored specifically to the position you are seeking, designed to highlight your strengths and provide us with a clear understanding of your strategic thinking.

During these interviews, Ceibo interviewers closely observe how candidates:


Address the problem


Structure their thinking


Formulate and test hypotheses


Use data


Communicate their ideas


Work under pressure

We believe that these interviews present a valuable opportunity for you to showcase your skills and potential. They allow us to assess how you apply your knowledge in challenging and real-world situations.

How to stand out in our recruiting process?

We want you to do well! We give you some tips so you can distinguish yourself during the interview process.

At Ceibo, we are committed to your success and aim to offer you an exciting and rewarding professional opportunity. To ensure you are adequately prepared for our recruitment process, we provide the following preparatory instances and resources:

Case Prep

At Ceibo, we offer a valuable group Case Prep session where our team members share their knowledge and strategies for solving cases. In this interactive session, you'll receive detailed advice on approaching cases, learn effective analysis and structuring techniques, and have the opportunity to solve real-time cases alongside our team members.


If you participate in the mentoring program, our team members will provide you with practice cases and offer personalized feedback. Through one-on-one sessions, you'll receive guidance and coaching to enhance your case-solving skills and reach your full potential.


Casebooks will help you become familiar with different types of cases and provide an opportunity to practice and refine your skills before facing interviews.

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